Sim O.N.E.

The Honeypot Diaries: Thousands of Daily Attacks on My Home Network

About a year ago, I set up some honeypots on my home network, laying out digital mousetraps for bots.

At first, I didn't believe it—thousands of attacks hammer my unremarkable home network daily. I am not a bank, nor on a government facility, but just a random Joe Schmoe's home router.

Sim O.N.E.

Between June and September, over 800,000 incidents were recorded (across smtp, http, telnet, ftp, and fwlogs.) And guess who are the stars of this hacking circus?

Sim O.N.E.

If it happens to me, I imagine it must happen to you, to your grandma, and to her dog too.

The fact that most homes are now full of those bargain-bin IoT gadgets from Amazon and AliExpress must be a red carpet for this shit: QUIZBLOZ Quantum Pet Wi-Fi Camera, ZORPTEX Intelligent BT 5.2 Toilet, SPLUMHOME Interdimensional WiFi6E Grill. And whatever other rebranded junk people order on Prime Day.

What's the goal? Hell if I know.

Maybe it's all a grand experiment to see how much idiocy we'll tolerate just to save a few bucks.

But hey, at least you will get a $10 SNORSQUAT Smart Party Buttplug from your uncle this Christmas, right?