Simone Salis

16 Lessons From Year 36

Today it’s my 36th birthday.

I thought it might be useful to share a few lessons I have learned so far, as a yearly retrospective.

No specific order or hierarchy.

  1. You’re not your job; you’re more than what you make.
  2. As you accumulate years, stuff, and experiences, you are shaped more by what you remove than by what you add.
  3. You can’t worry about everything: get one thing right, then the next one right, then the next one, and so on.
  4. The chances you are not taking now will become the regrets of what you didn't accomplish tomorrow.
  5. What you do in your spare time reveals who you need to become.
  6. Fear seldom keeps you safe, but it always reveals what you need to work on.
  7. There are enough “us” vs. “them” people: be a bridge person.
  8. Age is the most inaccurate meter of wisdom.
  9. To be respected and listened to, respect and listen to.
  10. Not being able to rejoice in others’ success is a clear indication that you’re still a sucker.
  11. Experiences opposite to yours are still valid and worthy of your respect.
  12. Your view of an experience makes the experience.
  13. Seek feedback, not approval.
  14. You don’t need any authorization or certification to become great at something on your own.
  15. If you move 10,000 miles away from home, you will still need to go 20,000 miles deep to find yourself.
  16. The search is always inside, never outside.

Why 16 and not 36?

I’m not that wise.

In fact, if you have any valuable ones to share with me, please do so via email using sim [{AT}] simone [{DOT}] org or on Twitter.

It’s not like I'm done learning and can't use more.

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