This is the list of all the changes done to my projects and website by month. I will also share future plans.

May 2024

  • Removed Photostream page in preparation for dedicate photos and print store.
  • Updated menus to clarify page purpose (Get Stuff becomes Subscribe, Photostream is replaced by Prints & Store.

March 2024

  • Moved podcast from Libsyn to website-only hosting. Added a podcast-only RSS URL for use with podcatchers and RSS clients (
  • Podcast episode tiles removed from the Homepage.
  • Integrated pictures with Flickr to support galleries independently of Ghost.

February 2024

  • Migrated from Bear Blog to Ghost to better accommodate expanding needs such as photo galleries with lightboxes, podcasts with players and expandable transcripts, and an integrated newsletter.
  • Successfully moved all articles, URLs, and content to the new platform.
  • Customized the Ghost theme to enhance readability and visual appeal, with a focus on showcasing my photography through the use of my images on the website and maintaining the character of the previous design.
  • The new homepage and website layout now better reflect my passion for both visuals and writing.

Update Notes
The transition to Ghost was driven by the need for more advanced features and the desire to eventually sell physical products. The platform offers a robust base for further development and customization.

January 2024

  • Added Changelog page.
  • Converted all Japan pictures to HDR using JPG plus Gain Maps.
  • Updated the 2023 Japan photo essay to “Japan HDR Gallery (with JPEG Gain Maps).”
  • Updated the Photolog sections from monthly to annual quarters. In the future, if the page is too big to load all the pictures at once, I might make special yearly pages called Photolog Archives.

Update Notes
Using HDR doesn't allow using advanced compression like ImageOptim or similar, or the gain maps will be lost. AVIF would be better, but I'll go with the most supported format for now, since it's already pretty limited at this time. But, at least, it falls back to SDR JPG rendering.

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