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Hi, I’m Sim. This is where you get what I make, like my deep chats podcast SimOnAir, my photo essays ◐ Exposures, and a newsletter that won’t turn you into a tech zombie.

A mirror reflecting a thousand eyes.

Me in 30 seconds

Back when algorithm was academic vernacular and not part of a kindergartener’s basic vocabulary, I hosted and wrote original shows for Comedy Central, Discovery Networks, and public radio.

I’ve somehow paid the bills as a:

I’ve always enjoyed self-producing my work through writing, design, coding, recording, acting, and editing. In my early 20s, I studied as an industrial designer and linguist (not in English) but became neither: I performed and taught improvisation on stage for almost a decade across continents and historical theaters—while also graduating from YCombinator’s Startup School.

I am a big fan of tech that empowers you without turning you into a minion.

Even if we don’t see it, data is part of our environment. You recycle because you don’t want you and your kids to live in a dumpster: so why do you ignore the way you treat data?

I spend a lot of time pondering how tools shape our lives and relationships: That’s why I produced over 40 hours of audio conversations with exceptional guests from Pixar, Google, The Second City, and more.

“Metaphorically speaking, a person's ideas must be the building he lives in—otherwise there is something terribly wrong.”
‌‌ — Søren Kierkegaard


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