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I write about unlearning, tools that you can use without being used by them, and how too much efficiency becomes inefficient. Newsletter on how to make more by consuming less below. See what’s inside here.

Blog posts

16 Lessons From Year 36
Life golden nuggets

Improving Screen Time
Using phones better

Podcast highlights

The Art of Paying Attention
with David Pasquesi (Marvel, Star Wars, VEEP)

Creativity & Diversity at Pixar
with Danielle Feinberg (Pixar)

The Ego of Metrics
with Ben Grosser (University of Illinois)

P.S. Everything here is ads-free, SEO-unoptimized, and human-authored. Thoughts come from a real, whole human being, not bots nor LLMs. If you like authentic connections, you can email sim ({at)} simone ({dot)} org and follow me via RSS (

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