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Seeking Purpose and Connection in Disconnected Times

Many of us feel a sense of disconnection and unease in the post-pandemic world. Where do we find everyday guidance?

The 'Pro' Paradox and The Allure of Style Over Substance

When style trumps substance and size trumps user interest.

The Lost Art of Single-Tasking Devices

Single-task devices create meaningful friction, pockets of intentionality, and contemplation.

Overreality – How Tech Is Betting on Your Discontent with Reality

Tech companies know that for many of us reality now sucks: that's how they hope you'll slap a pair of giant goggles on your face.

The Unwisdom Cheat Sheet

As an adult, it becomes even more important to focus on what you unlearn rather than what you learn.

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Unlearn everything you thought you knew, find tools that won’t turn you into their tool, and discover why being too efficient is just inefficient.

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